1 question to ask, if I could talk to Hillary Clinton.


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I’ve never really had a desire to talk to a President or Presidential candidate, much less ask a question.  Oh, I’ve thought a few living and deceased Presidents would have been or be interesting to spend a little time with, but to actively seek them out?  No.  That has changed this Presidential election cycle.

If I were able to talk to one candidate, it’d be Hillary Clinton.  And I’d have a question for her, in two parts:

“Mrs. Clinton, if I were working for the government and had accessed and stored my work/government emails on a private, insecure server, edited classified material and deleted these emails, would I have broken the law and should I be punished according to the law? If so, what makes what you did any different?”

Hillary promotes herself as someone with experience.  A lot was made about event in Benghazi, Libya, but what came out of that has become even more troubling, her access and storage of government emails.

I daresay that had anyone else with less political connections, clout and name done the exact same thing she did – especially if we’re regular Joe-nobodies – we’d be in jail already.

But Hillary remains a candidate and no charges have been brought against her, even though material was found on her server that was so classified – which isn’t surprising considering she was Sec. of State – that even the special investigator couldn’t initially look at it.

As an aside Democrats, y’all are in quite a pickle.  do you nominate the crook, the raging socialist, or the nobody?

Read this article from the Wall Street Journal for a head’s up.

Because Single Payer…


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The signatures of President Barack Obama, Vice...

The signatures of President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on the health insurance reform bill signed in the East Room of the White House, March 23, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t think I have the best prognosticating track record and yet I’m still willing to throw some forecasts out every now and then.  I did believe Mr. Obama would be worse than Jimmy Carter back in 2008 before he’d even won the Presidency and it didn’t take long for him to prove me right.

Anyhow… Single Payer.  Single payer what?  Health insurance.  In a nut shell, single payer insurance is socialized medicine.  It’s a nationalized healthcare plan/coverage/insurance, whatever you want to term it.  Most Western nations have some degree of it.  We, the United States have it to some degree too, what do you think Medicare and Medicaid are as well as the VA?  It’s paid for by your taxes.  But, the political and ideological left has long been pushing for a full fledged single payer system here in the United States.  Quite a lot of people using Medicare and such programs are not doing so because they want to but because they have to do so and in some respects, in those cases, it’s reasonable.  We are not heartless.  However the “system” has long “rigged” things to the point that it’s either easier or the only viable option to get on to the government dole.

By hook and crook.

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