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As a prologue to this piece, let me note that I’ve previously mentioned Islam and Muslims in relation to Katy, TX. Over the last several weeks I’ve gotten a steady trickle of people visiting my site looking at my articles concerning just these topics. I know this because I can see it on my user “dashboard” where/how people come to my site. Needless to say, this has piqued my interest and I put out some calls to people who live around Houston or in Texas to hopefully feed me some news, if anything is going on in Katy, TX.

What started the ball rolling was this article, right around the Quran burning controversy.

Well, today I’ve come across an article from the Wall Street Journal noting that a Muslim with connections to Al Qaeda was arrested in Spain. He’s a U.S. citizen of Algerian origin. What makes the article noteworthy to me is that at the very end, the author comments that at one time Mr. Debhi lived in Katy, TX.

I had previously commented on the issue of Muslims and a mosque in Katy, urging caution, pause and more importantly, Christian love, seeing a mission opportunity. As I noted however, if something insidious is going on in the Muslim community in Katy, it needs to be investigated and uprooted. We cannot allow terrorism to grow unchecked in our midst. We cannot wait for something horrible to happen. We must be proactive. That said, it must be within the law, with care.

Do not use this news as a platform for anything untoward (hateful and unChristian) against Muslims in general, specifically those in Katy, TX. But perhaps a more focused eye does need to be kept on Katy and its Muslim community. Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI is already on it.