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Komen Store
Komen Store (Photo credit: ThePhin)

It seems that not a day goes by that my heart is not wrenched, that I am not made spiritually ill by the words or actions and illogical mindsets of people, mostly liberals.

2 Cor. 4:4 “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.”

If you need a little hint, that “god” is Satan.  But, I digress…

This past week, on the heels of the 39th anniversary of the abomination that is Roe v. Wade, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure (here out called Komen Foundation/organization, Komen or SGK) spun and waffled so much I think the pink ribbons have fallen off of every product you can imagine that they’re plastered on.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Komen Foundation has been giving “grants” for years to Planned Parenthood under the auspices of referrals for mammograms.  Komen is of course all about breast cancer awareness and fighting to end breast cancer.  Planned Parenthood market’s itself as an organization assisting in family planning and women’s health… oh, and they also provide abortions.

I’ve been trying to figure out over the last couple of days how to frame this post, but I think it’s just going to have to be a bumpy, rambling ride.  Hopefully my rabbit trails will make some sense if I have any or too much.

Several days ago, the Komen organization stated that they were suspending their “grants” (read: donations) to Planned Parenthood.  The reason stipulated was because PP is currently under Congressional investigation and according to Komen, this creates a conflict with some of their bylaws.  Whatever the reason, pro-life people cheered with glee and pro-choice people howled in anger.  Over the next couple of days, it pretty much all hit the fan with the pro-choice people coming out en mass against SGK virulently doing what only the left in this country is good at.  Being mad, being vile and using their networks, media and money against Komen.

The left charged Komen – and pro-lifers – with politicizing PP, Komen and abortion (of course).  It became clear in the liberal, verbal tirade that choice – abortion – the killing of unborn humans was what it really boiled down to.

Rightly or wrongly, the left stated that Komen bowed to pressure from pro-life organizations.  There may be some merit to that, and if so, I find it ironic, considering the pressure that liberals and pro-choice people have brought to bear on the American public for decades.  Double standards?  Of course.  It’s the creed the left lives by.  Furthermore, Komen had recently taken on a new VP, Karen Handel, a former politician who was vociferously pro-life.  How much of a role has she had in shaping or at least trying to shape the present course of Komen, this escapade in particular?

Following that public separation from PP, money began flowing into both SGK and PP.  Pro-life individuals who for years had determined not to support Komen because of their link to PP started donating to SGK.  Conversely, the left, in their apoplectic shock gave far more money to PP with an indignantly “justified” thumb to the nose of Komen.

And in the end, on Friday, Komen backpedalled after a few days of the liberal public’s excoriation of them, stating that they’d effectively go back to the way things were before the whole kerfuffle.  The Foundation’s foundation was shaken.

There are three or four losers in all of this.  The pro-lifers.  The unborn.  Karen Handel, and Susan G Komen.

Pro-lifers lose because we reacted to quickly.  I can only wonder how many people cut checks and sent money to Komen the instant they learned that Komen was dropping PP from its grants; then to realize that to their horror, that money, even just a fraction, would trickle down to PP again because Komen caved.

The unborn lose because one human life lost to the purposed killing of it by abortion is one too many.

Karen Handel loses because whether or not she had an initial hand in divesting Komen of PP, the left and pro-choicers as well as those within the Komen organization are going to be “gunning” for her.  I would not be surprised to hear of her resigning or being forcibly removed very soon.

Lastly, the Susan G Komen organization loses because it’s now got two black eyes.  One from the right and one from the left – and the one from the left could hurt it more in the long run.

As one person commented somewhere, it’s a vanity campaign/organization.  The Susan G. Komen foundation is like Apple or some similar “cultic” organization.  Pink ribbons are everywhere.  From bottled water to yogurt or that bag of m&m’s, and of course the ubiquitous t-shirts.  I have even heard that they have, will or want to market pink handguns.  If it’s plastered in pink, and you’re being sold it, odds are, Susan G Komen might be getting a cut.

That’s not an awareness campaign.  That’s not fighting to stop cancer.  That’s an advertisers dream.  That’s a corporate model.  That’s a business.

And the Susan G Komen organization might have just tripped itself up and popped its own bubble.

That’s what happens when you get in bed with the devil.

And in the words of Bobby Boucher’s mama, “That’s the devil!”  Planned Parenthood that is.  Sure, I’m getting a bit hyperbolic, but when you boil it all down, for the left, choice is what matters.  The choice to have an abortion.  And, no matter how much the left and Planned Parenthood try to trivialize and marginalize the abortions they perform, the fact is, they do kill unborn humans.  And one murder is too many.  But, I digress…

The Komen organization had pretty much the whole nation going for them for quite a while.  Few people knew that Komen gave money to PP, and even fewer knew exactly what and how they spent the money they got.  Now, the last couple of days have trained all sides eyes on Komen.  Komen’s got a microscope on them, and while they might not be doing anything illicit, their business practices might be determined as questionable.

Furthermore, people on the left, incensed that Komen would give PP the cold shoulder may decide to no longer support SGK.  Many people on the right already weren’t supporting SGK if they could help it.  Can SGK afford to offend both sides?  They may have already.  Time will tell whether SGK will weather this storm.  Frankly, I don’t care.

There are other plenty of other charity fish in the sea after all who support the fight against cancer, breast cancer specifically.  Breast cancer doesn’t need awareness.  The public is well aware of it, whether SGK had a part in this or not.  Let’s focus on fighting cancer and helping those who have it, not plastering pink ribbons on every piece of merchandise and product they can find to the point that you inevitably wind up giving them money after a fashion.  Nothing like being forced to give to a charity you don’t like by buying a product you like, or worse, need – and there’s no other option available.

And as an aside, one of the things I learned about SGK’s races during the past couple of days is that they get downright fascistic.  Apparently, if you want to run/walk in a SGK event, you have to raise some money.  Understandable, except, evidently you have to sign/agree to raise a specific amount – or you don’t get to join.  We’re not talking small dollars here.  We’re talking a couple thousand.

Lastly, a couple of “business” items to wrap up in case you’re a pro-choice individual reading my opines.

When does life begin?  What are the unborn?  What is abortion?

Enough with the tired old canard that people who’re pro-life only care about saving the baby, but not the mother or the care of either of them once the baby is born.  The collective left has kept its head sand and its hands over its eyes and ears like the monkeys on the log.  Sure, there are no doubt a number of pro-life organizations whose sole purpose is to end abortion, but there are many pro-life organizations who not only make efforts at ending abortion, but also in coming along side the mother after the baby is born.  Pro-life people value all life.  We view all life as precious and sacred, thus we wish to do everything possible to support it, lift it up and protect life from conception/fertilization to death.  This means sex education and support for women whether they’re thinking of having sex, had sex, pregnant, want an abortion, had an abortion, had a baby, abuse, need food, shelter, income, etc.

A baby is a human being and it has value just the same as you or I do.  It makes no difference whether it is a just fertilized cell, a mass of cells that have no human-like form, are pre-born, just born or geriatric or infirmed.  Viability is another canard.  A newborn needs support or it will surely die.  So, neither viability, placement or shape determine value.

No, instead, the left places the value of human life on a sliding scale of relativity, all in the name of personal choice, of personal freedom.  The left vociferously claims that they’re all about equality, but the reality is that it’s a contradictory equality.  It’s an equality and morality which clings to the laws of man for its justification.  And the unborn lose out.

In 39 years time, over 54 million known abortions have occurred, just in the United States.  Planned Parenthood has its hands in at least over 300 thousand abortions every single year.  Oh, but that’s just 3% of the total services PP offers.  Statistics are funny things.  Whether or not that 3% stat is real, the number of abortions is, and it’s staggering.  That’s like the population of Pittsburg being erased in a year, and the next year, the city of St. Louis, and on and on.

Oh, but you must have your precious choice.  We don’t want to burden you with a punishment, with a mouth to feed, with responsibility for your actions.

There are so many people who want children and yet cannot have children.  There are organizations that can provide every service PP provides except abortion.

There are options.

Susan G Komen for the Cure is not the only breast cancer charity on the block, and neither is Planned Parenthood the only family planning/women’s health organization on the block.

I wonder and hope – but doubt – that conservatives, the right, Christians and pro-life people could harness and gather the same amount of numbers, furor and money that the left so easily can.  This incident, specifically the left’s backlash against SGK, should be a wake-up call to the right about what it should and could do, but it will not.  The closest we came was the Tea Party movement in 2009 and 2010.

The reality is that the right thinks and operates differently than the left.

I pray for the day our government divests themselves completely of PP.

I pray for the day that there are no more abortions.

I pray for the hearts and minds, but most importantly, the souls of so many lost, confused and hurting people in this nation who believe that the life of the unborn is subject to the choice of another.

The only way real, positive changes are going to happen in America is if a real revival and restoration sweeps the land.  The only way that is going to happen is by the Hand of God.

The Lord’s already won the battle.  But it’s going to get mighty ugly and deadly before he comes again.  Satan’s seeing to that, and the left are his blind and willing lackies.

Update – This article from National Review Online hits the nail on the head concerning the hypocrisy of the left in all of this.

–I will not allow comments for this article as the issue is so volatile.  I am unfazed if you think it cowardly.

Update 2 – According to the continued analysis of liberals and conservatives alike, the growing consensus seems to be that Komen’s walkback of dropping funds to PP is not necessarily that.  In other words, even if they’re making themselves look like they’re actually trying to be coy.

You can look here or here for perspectives on both sides of the debate.

As I noted in a comment, Komen has stepped on a landmine of its own making.  And, as I noted in the above article and reiterated in the comment, they made a Faustian bargain the minute they decided it was reasonable to do business with Planned Parenthood.  For their trouble, SGK has become an equal opportunity offender to both the right and the left, and their mission and name is sullied.

I’m also going to include a singular comment I received for this post.  The individual was a bit wily (very tricksy!  ;)  ) in how they got a-hold of me, and I don’t believe they’ll mind as what they wrote was what they would have done had I allowed the comments to be open.  I am giving a “dispensation” in this case as is my right.  I’m the dictator of this site under the benevolence of wordpress!!!

The Roe v. Wade anniversary had been on my mind all month. I am pro-life for many, many reasons. I have written about abortion in other forums, and I wanted to write about it on my blog. But as you know, it’s a volatile subject. I was afraid.
The inspiration to write about it kept bugging me until I was under the deadline of the last day of the month to post if I was going to make it in January.
I posted Whisper on 1/31/12 at 1 a.m. in the morning. Later the very same day, Komen announced they would stop funding grants to PP. My post had nothing to do with that, but what a “coincidence,” wouldn’t you say?
The post has become my third most read post ever (my second most read was wildly shared by the ag community and my top post was Freshly Pressed).
The comments I received have been mostly sympathetic to the pro-life arguments. And researching the post gave me facts to speak graciously and factually as Komen was bullied, wavered and, as you wrote, caved. “There were 1.21 million abortions in the US in 2008. PP is the largest abortion provider in the world. Minorities are more likely to abort than whites… etc…”
I am saddened by the entire Komen fiasco. However, I see some good coming out of this.
The majority of people, including myself, were unaware of Komen’s funding of PP in the first place. Now we know where they stand.
We also know there are plenty of other charities to support that really do use their funds to fight cancer. We need to be responsible in vetting them before donating.
We know the fight against abortion has only intensified in this country and the media is not objective when reporting on it.
Perhaps most importantly, abortion has been brought to the top of mind in America as we enter a presidential election year.
GetReligion dot org had a great article on 2/3/12 concerning the media’s coverage of the debacle. You may want to check it out.